• October 13,2021 | Media Coverage
  • Ready-to-Ride Style: Yadea Celebrates the Pursuit of Beauty as In-Person Fashion Shows Return

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  • As the world gradually returns to a "new normal", September will see the return of in-person fashion shows for Autumn/Winter 2021. As design and fashion once again become hot topics in the global arena, Yadea, the world's leading electric two-wheeler brand, is celebrating the pursuit of beauty with its latest line-up of electric scooters.


    Since its inception, Yadea's core focus has always been to improve the driving experience for customers. Under this premise, the company has continued to defy convention by pursuing a more modern, stylish and diversified design to meet the aesthetic needs of its customers around the world.


    "Humanity's pursuit of beauty is endless. Over the years, with the aim to "electrify your life", Yadea has continued to redefine beauty in electric two-wheelers by exploring new trends and partnering with the world's top design agencies. Our vehicles have not only received numerous accolades, but we've also garnered a reputation for style amongst consumers globally. Today, our product line boasts a strong design aesthetic and a high level of artistic flair," said Aska Zeng, General Manager of Yadea.


    Highlighting a refined exterior design, which is puristic and sleek, the Yadea G5 series won the International Design Excellence Award(IDEA) in 2019. The vehicle has evolved from previous Yadea products with a striped LED headlight for stronger visual impact, instead of traditional round or rounded rectangle main lights. The G5 is also available in four colors, so riders can express themselves with a shade that echoes their design preferences.


    Meanwhile, the modern and design-oriented C1S exemplifies Yadea's commitment to delivering a refined riding experience that combines high quality, high performance and high value. Designed by KISKA, the C1S sports a stylish, streamlined structure that echoes the golden ratio and makes a statement on the road, while individual lamps echo the Yadea logo for enhanced brand recognition. Yadea's C1S has won the love of design enthusiasts worldwide and even received the coveted Red Dot Award in 2020.


    Yadea's pursuit of beauty has only been made possible by bringing together independent design and partnerships with leading international studios to develop the next generation of high-end electric two-wheeler products. In addition to partnerships with Giovannoni Design, AMV Design and Boxer over the years, the company launched the industry-pioneering partnership with Studio F.A. Porsche earlier this year, which generated significant industry buzz due to  cutting-edge design and Yadea's self-developed innovative technology.


    Looking ahead, Yadea will continue to provide a refined riding experience and enhance its product performance through increased investment in R&D. At the same time, the company will continue its pursuit of beauty by exploring new ways to surpass its own design standards and imagine even more stylish and diversified vehicles to beautifully electrify life.

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