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  • Yadea Unveils Industry-Leading Technologies and Products at its New Tech Launching Event

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  • Yadea, the world's leading electric two-wheeler brand, has unveiled a number of cutting-edge products and innovations to the world at its recent New Tech Launching Event, held on September 23 in Wuxi. Among the achievements on display were Yadea's industry-leading Graphene 3.0 Battery and the new Champion Series 2.0 E8, which demonstrate how the company continues to use its strengths to advance electric two-wheeler technology.


    "The new technologies and product released by Yadea represent a key milestone in our ongoing research and development journey, as well as a powerful example of the leadership position we take in the industrial technology advancement," said Shifu Wei, Chief Engineer of Yadea R&D Department. "Guided by the vision of 'electrify your life', Yadea has always taken satisfying the pursuit of consumers as the ultimate goal of R&D. The newly released Graphene 3.0 Battery is what we created particularly for those who have concerns about battery endurance in the winter," Wei said.

    Yadea's Graphene 3.0 Battery boasts ultra-low temperature resistance, improved battery capacity and a high level of durability. The company has added antifreeze electrolyte into the battery, which can dynamically adapt to different environmental conditions, adjust the battery temperature, and ensure that electric vehicle mileage doesn't decline in winter. At the same time, the battery is resistant to extreme temperatures and can handle ranges from -20°C to 55°C.

    To highlight its feature of ultra-low temperature resistance, the organizer froze the Graphene 3.0 Battery in ice 72 hours before the event. During the event, the ice was broken and the battery was removed, then installed into Yadea's new Champion Series 2.0 E8. Despite being frozen, the electric vehicle still boasted strong performance.

    Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, the capacity of Graphene 3.0 Battery has been improved by 20% to 25%. The battery is made using new raw materials, allowing it to be charged and discharged up to 1,000 times; and the battery life could be extended to three times longer than other regular batteries while maintaining durability.

    During the New Tech Launching Event, Yadea also unveiled the new Champion Series 2.0 E8, which is equipped with the Graphene 3.0 Battery and has a range of about 200km. Meanwhile, it was announced at the event that the sales of Yadea's Champion Series have reached three million globally with the number certified by Frost & Sullivan, and it's considered as another major milestone for Yadea.

    With the technology innovations and new products, Yadea continues to take practical actions to help people "Electrify Your Life".

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