• June 25,2021 | Media Coverage
  • Reimagine, Recreate, Restore: Yadea Reinforces Commitment to Sustainable Development for World Environment Day 2021

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  • As global attention turns to environmental protection on World Environment Day, Yadea, a leading brand in the electric two-wheeler industry, has renewed its long-standing commitment to sustainable development as part of its mission to protect the Earth. In tandem, Yadea has also sounded the call on social media this June 5 — urging its customers to do their part by reducing their emissions and traveling green with electric two-wheeler vehicles.

    Since its inception, Yadea has made great strides in preserving the environment through its corporate green policies and considers the cost and benefits to the environment in every component of its business, from manufacturing and operations to R&D. Moreover, Yadea has helped tens of millions switch to greener travel: To date, over 50 million Yadea products have been sold worldwide, reducing fuel consumption by 9.07 million tons and CO2 emissions by 31.6 million tons — the equivalent of planting 31.6 billion trees.  

    "At Yadea, we are focused on building a truly green enterprise with sustainable development at its core using clean production and green technology. Clean production enables us to ration resources across all industrial production activities to reduce the risks to humans and the environment. Furthermore, our investments in green technology bring benefits to our customers and enhance our competitive advantage without sacrificing the environment," said Aska Zeng, General Manager of Yadea.

    Yadea currently has eight production bases around the world, all of which harness green production to manufacture green technologies and boast some of the most automated high-end production lines, management systems, and advanced QC technologies in the industry.

    The Tianjin base has 14 modern production lines delivering an annual capacity of 5 million units for domestic and global markets, with plans to add an additional 600 acres in 2021. This base implements the likes of the TMS intelligent logistics system to achieve precise integrated transportation planning, optimization and execution.

    Yadea champions a clean production strategy that uses technology to reduce pollutant discharge, consumption and emissions. Its independently developed graphene battery — a major game-changer in electric vehicle battery technology — has a life cycle of over 1,000 recharges, can be fast-charged to 80% in one hour and increases vehicle range by up to 10%.

    For customers, the company puts the needs of its customers and the planet at the forefront of all its marketing and sales activities, from setting up green pricing strategies to promoting eco-friendly actions across its marketing channels and providing services geared towards environmental conservation.

    In 2019, Yadea spearheaded China's first lead-acid battery recycling alliance and established a standardized, efficient process for recycling lead-acid batteries from electric two-wheelers.

    As sustainability becomes an increasingly hot topic for consumers and governments, Yadea will continue to do its part to imagine a brighter future. With green production, technologies, and marketing initiatives, Yadea truly is powering the "Era of Green" with its revolutionary two-wheel electric vehicles.

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