TTFAR Graphene
Battery Pioneer
3X lifespan, travel far with Yadea TTFAR
3X lifespan,
travel far with Yadea TTFAR
Capacity Upgrade
Operating Temperature
YADEA Graphene Battery
Ordinary Lead-acid Battery
efficiency Motor
efficiency Motor
Climbing Angle
Efficiency86%* The data of the motor is based on E8SPRO model.
More Efficient
Longer Range
More Efficient Longer Range
YADEA's TTFAR motor increases the efficiency to 86%, making the full use of energy power and promising a farther journey. More efficient, longer range.
Climbing Angle
TTFAR Energy
Retrieving Controller
Charging while riding
A smart energy retrieving system is programmed in, to convert kinetic energy into electric energy in the battery during sliding, downhill and braking, realizing charging while riding eventually increasing the mileage.
TTFAR Energy
Monitoring Dashboard
High-resolution Smart Dashborad
A Visualized Charging
Unique TTFAR energy recovery technology is visualized in the TTFAR dashboard with power quality monitoring. The energy state is visually displayed through color switching, where white means normal discharge, red means high discharge, green means energy recovery, and clearly visible charging.
Power Mode
Eco Modee
Energy Recycling
*According to the test of the National Light Electric Vehicle and Battery Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center, the charge and discharge cycle life of TTFAR graphene battery is about 1000 times in the environment of 25℃± 2℃ temperature. The charge and discharge cycle life of ordinary lead-acid batteries are about 300 times;
*25% capacity upgrade is compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries at the same volumn;
*If there is a quality problem with YADEA TTFAR graphene battery within 24 months, it can be replaced for free, please refer to YADEA TTFAR graphene battery warranty policy for details;
*"The motor efficiency is about 86% and the torque is about 145N·m" refers to the results of the test of the TTFAR 2000W motor on E8SPRO under the condition of rated voltage of 72V and rated power of 2000W.
*"Climbing angle 14°" means that according to the test of Wuxi Institute of Inspection, Testing and Certification, E8SPRO equipped with a 2000W TTFAR motor has a load of 75kg, at speed of 10km/h, and the climbing angle reaches 14°.
*"Support -20℃ charging" refers to the self-test data of Yadea Laboratory, using electronic load, the battery can work normally in CV mode (71V);
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